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Arthur Street School
26 Arthur Street
Duned­in 9016
03 477 6524 office
03 477 6987 fax

Office man­ager: Michelle Vial


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About us

Arthur Street School is loc­ated in Arthur Street, Duned­in and is bordered by a pub­lic reserve, the Town Belt and Otago Boys High School.

Arthur Street School is Dunedin’s longest estab­lished school hav­ing some­what unique begin­ning. It star­ted on board the “Phil­lip Laing” where the immig­rants’ school teach­er, James Black­ie com­menced classes. On arrival, the school was trans­ferred to a water­front site near the foot of Dowl­ing Street where it was known as the Beach School. In 1864 the school was shif­ted to the corner of Tennyson Street and York Place where it was known as the Middle School. In 1877 it was shif­ted to its present site and renamed Arthur Street School. The school was rebuilt in the mid 1960’s repla­cing the ori­gin­al build­ings with the ones you see today.

Arthur Street School has had a long and dis­tin­guished asso­ci­ation provid­ing high qual­ity edu­ca­tion to the young cit­izens of Duned­in. Today one of the fea­tures of Arthur Street School’s com­munity is its mul­ti-cul­tur­al facet. The major­ity of our chil­dren come from a European back­ground and fam­il­ies identi­fy them­selves as New Zeal­anders of European her­it­age while oth­ers see them­selves as Pake­ha New Zeal­anders. There are also a sig­ni­fic­ant num­ber of New Zeal­anders from Korea, Hong Kong, China, Fiji, Iran, Aus­tralia and South Africa. Another aspect of this mul­ti-cul­tur­al fea­ture is that some of the chil­dren are born with a dual cul­tur­al her­it­age by vir­tue of the fact their par­ents bring togeth­er two cul­tures.

Our school com­munity not only brings to the school a diverse cul­tur­al and lin­guist­ic back­ground but also a diverse social and eco­nom­ic back­ground.

The school wel­comes involve­ment of par­ents and care­givers in the school envir­on­ment.