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Contact details

Arthur Street School
26 Arthur Street
Dunedin 9016
03 477 6524 office
03 477 6987 fax

Office manager: Michelle Vial


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Snow Day Procedure

Snow Day Procedure

Winter is upon us, so we have “dus­ted off” our Snow and Ice pro­ced­ure. In the event of Snow or extreme ice, please fol­low any of these options:

  1. Fol­low us on Face­book (www.facebook.com/arthurstschool)
  2. Listen to the radio on 97.4FM, 89.4FM, 1125AM or 1305AM
  3. Call anoth­er par­ent – they might have heard! Set up your own snow tree.
  4. Phone the school on 477 6524 to check if someone answers.

If in doubt – stay home. Find out the situ­ation before leav­ing home!


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