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Policies & Procedures

Here are Arthur Street’s policies and procedures. Our school’s policies and procedures are maintained, reviewed and updated regularly. We ensure that our policies and procedures are up to date, that we’re following Ministry of Education best-practice guidelines, and that we’re meeting our reporting requirements.

Our policy topics outline the board’s responsibilities and are based on the Ministry’s National Administration Guidelines. Below each top-level topic are supporting policies and procedures, which are generally the responsibility of the principal, senior management, and other staff.

By law, we must review our policies and procedures at regular intervals. This happens in a  3-year cycle.

Some reviews are done by the board (B), but the majority are reviewed by both the board and staff (B–S), or the whole school community (board, staff, and parents B–S–P).

When a topic is up for review, we can consider both the content of the policy and how it’s been implemented at the school.


NAG 1- Student Achievement


NAG 2 & NAG 6 – Administration & Legislation


NAG 3 – Employer Responsibility


NAG 4 – Finance & Resources


NAG 5 – Health & Safety



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