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Arthur Street School
26 Arthur Street
Dunedin 9016
03 477 6524 office
03 477 6987 fax

Office manager: Michelle Vial


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School vision

Arthur Street School is Dunedin’s oldest school and as such, has a long and proud tradition of providing primary education for the children in its care.

  • Factors that make Arthur Street School the special place it is include the following:
  • Every child is acknowledged as a unique individual with special qualities and needs. It is the school’s responsibility to meet these needs in the best possible way.
  • Children are encouraged and supported in acknowledging and respecting their own rights and the rights of others.
    Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness are key values encouraged in all that we do.
  • The school is organised on a whanau or family-grouping basis. The rational for this is that the mixed age range that makes up all classes, allows for a more natural grouping of children for learning and social interactions, positive role modeling by older children for younger children, flexibility of placement of children, the creation of a learning environment, where a range of abilities can be catered for, not solely based on age.
  • Arthur Street School welcomes and encourages parental/caregiver input. Parents are welcome at any time into the school with our “open door policy”. Parental opinion is invited, acknowledged and acted upon. Fortnightly newsletters, house meetings, open BOT and PTA meetings, parent interviews and ready access to teaching staff and the principal are some of the ways good home/school communication is maintained.
  • The school operates a Student School Council.
  • Arthur Street School has a strong commitment to providing the best possible learning environment including the latest resources, technology and staff development programmes for its members
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